Asad Ullah

Full Stack/MERN Stack Developer

Self-motivated full stack/MERN stack developer with 4 years of professional experience in coding, launching and teaching others.

Looking for a new challenge
Willing to relocate to any place or can work remotely.


Nova Labs & Tazweed Autos
02/2020 - Present

Team Lead & Full-stack/MERN stack Developer

Worked on SaaS app & other projects.

  • Planned, developed, tested, deployed, and maintained web applications/microservices.
  • Provided effective troubleshooting and remediation for the development.
  • Working on front-end, back-end, microservices and API development by using the latest technologies (reactjs + react native, express + nodejs (typescript), unit tests, aws services, github, and many other packages/services).
  • Worked well independently and within a team setting.
  • Followed policies and procedures related to application methods and quality standards at all times.
9/2016 - Present

Full-stack Developer

Self-driven web development for remote clients.

  • Created and launched multiple web/mobile applications, participating in the whole process of their development: devops, hosting, front-end and back-end programming, UI/UX design, maintenance and project management. (see
  • Complete detailed programming and development tasks for front end and internal websites as well as challenging back-end server code.
  • Helped to migrate the front-end and back-end structure to the latest web technologies with an architecture based on mostly PHP frameworks.
  • Developed and released a cross-platform web/mobile applications in Codeigniter/Laravel/Slim/ReactJs/React native Framework for web platforms.
Phegoh Global Services Limited
10/2017 - 7/2018

Lead Full-stack Developer & CTO

Built and maintained a web platform, that allows to buy and sell e-currencies into the local currency all over the world.

  • Created international marketplace (in Codeigniter) allowing end-customers to browse different e-currency (bitcoin, ethereum, etc), see their market values and prices, and buy or sell them online via LadyF exchange platform.
  • Created a user-friendly web application for Partners (in Codeingiter ) to manage their offers, schedules, prices, orders, customers and agents' network.
  • Implemented custom JS price converter, that users can calculate in order to firgure out buy and sell values of different e-currencies with ease.
  • Helped to raise an investment and promotion of site.
Dirham Coin
4/2018 - 8/2018

Lead Web Developer

Built and maintained a web platform, that lets users easily buy the masternodes and dirham coin with wallet service, manage their orders and secure transactions over the network.

  • Created a responsive front-end web application with multiple user access levels.
  • Created a cross-platform web app in Codeigniter Framework for all kind of web platforms.
  • Developed unit and end-to-end tests for both front-end and back-end code of the web.
  • Wrote automatic synchronizations with remote APIs, that e.g. dirham-coin's explorer, coin supply in AED and Network hash and difficulty of current market value.
  • Integrated two factor authentication with Google authenticator into the project and support system for the users.
  • Maintained the code and build/deploy setup with multiple environments throughout the whole duration of the project.

Lead Web Developer

Services at Bitdelia allows everyone to be part of advanced financial system, it offer products and services which makes it possible for individuals and businesses to buy, sell, store, use, and learn about cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin).

  • Created an interactive web application for an online buy/sell digit currency.
  • Developed the back-end API and an admin panel with CI Framework of PHP.
  • Developed a version 2.0 of Bitdelia, a popular e-currency buy/sell platform, by adding lots of new features and refactoring almost all of the old, legacy codebase based on Codeigniter & Slim PHP framework.
  • Optimized the database structure and indexes to work properly with even up to ~1 milion records.
  • Optimized performance by various tweaks and fragment caching to fulfill the client's expectation of having about a lot of page views monthly.

Education and Distinction

Kohat University of Technology
2012 - 2016
BSc in Computer Science (Hons)
  • Served as a Team lead of final year project, a students' project circle focused on latest technologies, ideas, workshops and about development/implementation.
  • Co-created the new main website and android app for grocery market.
PHP Classes Site
Oct 2018
PHP Innovation Award
  • Coded two factor authentication method of Google authenticator. This allows applications to verify if an user is the person he claims to be more than one way, thus allowing to implement what is called two factor authentication.
  • Awarded with PHP Innovation award, it can be dowload from:

Other perks

  • Long time member of an english-speaking edx & future-learning, which focuses on development of public speaking and personal skills.
  • Received "The Web Technologies Certification" award upon completing the training, thanks to multiple achievements in mathematics, informatics and other projects.
  • I speak native Pashto, fluent Urdu, conversational English and basic Arabic.
  • Football player for a couple of years and willing to continue it. Also a frequent cricket player.